During our first project at Future Games, I got to work with three other 3D artists and three game designers on Library Rumble. The game is a quirky 4 player party game where players chase each other with the objective of acquiring the legendary book of study material.

For this project, my focus was split between a few different areas, due to the various needs of the game and due to the short timeframe for the project. On this project I mainly worked on VFX and particle systems, some environment props, and on the game's camera system, which I wrote from scratch.

Team Size: 7

Engine: Unreal

Development Time: 2 Weeks


An overview of some the different VFX I made for the game.

VFX for when the player gets hit.

VFX for when the player is stunned.

Walk trail particles.

Rocket trail fire VFX that ended up going unused.



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